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Will YOU Do More Harm Than Good?

I often wonder.

How many people are so worried about doing more harm than good that they wouldn’t help someone in trouble? Sadly, it’s way more common than we think.

One Ipsos Reid study conducted on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross[1] revealed that than 75 percent of Canadians (that’s 3 in 4) would not be confident enough to give CPR to someone unconscious and not breathing.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

It takes no more than 8 hours in class and some pre-work online to learn the skills needed to save someone’s life.

The Red Cross First Aid, CPR & AED course covers important topics like what to do when someone has trouble or stops breathing, first aid for cardiac arrest, how to perform CPR (including with an AED machine), wound care, head and spine injury care, poisoning (including opioid) treatment, and so much more.

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[1] One in Three (36%) Canadian Households Have No First Aid Training. (2016). Ipsos.

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