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"I'm inspired that I now have the knowledge and training to help someone if they need it. The BEST training. Period."

Ruth-Anne Boyd

Standard First Aid & CPR Certified

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"Once again I feel prepared to help save a life. Thank you Stayin Alive with First Aid, CPR & AED!"

Joanne Samms

Standard First Aid & CPR Recertified



You never know when or where it might happen. Someone stops breathing or grabs their chest. From heart attacks to blood infections to accidents, death doesn’t have to be the outcome. First aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) save lives. Stayin Alive with First Aid, CPR & AED provides

Canadian Red Cross certified training at your work or a combination of workplace/online (it's your choice). We offer the following programs customized to your business needs:

First Aid, CPR & AED:

  • Standard First Aid, CPR & AED
    (8 hours online + 8 in class OR 2 days in class)

  • Emergency First Aid, CPR & AED 
    (4 hours online + 4 in class OR 1 day in class)

  • CPR/AED (Level C) 
    (3 hours online + 3 in class OR 6 hours in class)

Psychological First Aid:

  • Psychological First Aid
    (90 minutes online + 7 hours in class OR 12 hours in class)

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Healthcare workers and first responders come face-to-face with sickness, tragedy, and even death on a daily basis. Continuous learning through courses such as BLS and Psychological First Aid gives you the tools you need to keep providing the best care.


Our Canadian Red Cross Basic Life Support (BLS) course instills the confidence needed to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Strengthen your skills around performing a rapid assessment, initiating the emergency response system, performing basic life support skills, and even rapid defibrillation.

Our Canadian Red Cross Psychological First Aid course develops a personal understanding of the effects of stress, loss, trauma and grief, with emphasis on self-care. Get introduced to the Red Cross Look, Listen, Link, Live model - an approach to building emotional, psychological, and social well-being resiliency. The curriculum uses case-based learning and includes the latest evidence from the international community.

Stayin Alive with First Aid, CPR & AED offers the Canadian Red Cross certified courses in a classroom.

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student courses

Real-world scenarios often call on children to respond to challenges at home or when they're out and about.


Our Canadian Red Cross Babysitting  course  covers managing difficult behaviours, leadership qualities, and professional conduct as a babysitter. It promises to deepen and enhance the responsibility that older youth feel when caring for younger children. The curriculum is complete with new science and improved learning about providing appropriate care in the event of an emergency. For youth in grades 5 to 8.

Our Canadian Red Cross Stay Safe course teaches the skills needed to stay safe while home alone, respond to unexpected situations (like strangers or visitors), and even first aid treatment (including calling 911). Whether in the community or on their own, this course is a must-take if you want your child to have better tools for staying safe. For youth in grades 3 and 4.

Stayin Alive with First Aid, CPR & AED offers these courses  virtually so students can complete them from home.


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Stayin Alive with First Aid, CPR & AED is a proud Canadian Red Cross Training Partner offering virtual classes for students as well as online and in-class training right in
the workplace.


Our workplace training includes:


Our student virtual training includes:


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