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Stayin alive


Heart with someone performing CPR
First Aid


You never know when or where it might happen. Someone stops breathing or grabs their chest. Death doesn't have to be the outcome.


Stayin Alive with First Aid, CPR & AED provides Canadian Red Cross certified training in a classroom or at work (it's your choice):

WSIB approved!

First Aid, CPR & AED:

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Hands performing CPR on a mannequin
Health Care


Healthcare workers and first responders come face-to-face with sickness, tragedy, and even death on a daily basis. The BLS/HCP and Psychological First Aid courses give you the tools to keep providing the best care.

Health Care:

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A nurse taking someone's vitals


Real-world scenarios often call on children to respond to challenges at home or when they're out and about.


Our Canadian Red Cross Babysitting online course covers managing difficult behaviours, leadership qualities, and professional conduct as a babysitter.  For youth in grades 5 to 8.

Our Canadian Red Cross Stay Safe online course teaches the skills needed to stay safe while home alone or in the community, respond to unexpected situations (like strangers or visitors), and even first aid treatment (including calling 911). For youth in grades 3 to 5.


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A girl afraid after hearing an outside noise
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what our customers SAY

A picture of Petra Reiss Wilson

Petra Reiss Wilson

After taking the Standard First Aid, CPR and AED course, I feel better knowing I have the tools to help or save someone who needs it. Jan was so knowledgeable and the class was a lot of fun!

A picture of Ruth-Anne Boyd

Ruth-Anne Boyd

It's an amazing feeling to know that I have the knowledge and training to help someone if they need it. Stayin Alive with First Aid, CPR & AED offers the BEST training. Great information. Hands-on practice. So much fun!

A picture of Arda A.

Arda A.

Not long after taking the first aid course,
I needed to provide life-saving CPR until paramedics arrived. Stayin Alive with First Aid, CPR & AED made the class fun and interactive so I had the confidence to help someone when they really needed it.





We're a ​proud Canadian Red Cross training partner giving people the knowledge, practice, and tools to help in an emergency and save lives. Stayin Alive with First Aid, CPR & AED offers virtual classes for students as well as online/in-class courses and in the workplace.

Two students performing CPR with an AED machine

The Story Behind This Amazing Company


My boyfriend suddenly started having difficulty breathing. It looked like he was having an asthma attack. I didn’t know what to do. Sadly, he did not survive. That was the moment I decided to take a first aid course.

After that, over many years at work, I was responsible for investigating injuries—some minor and others more serious. One of the injuries was fatal. After a few grueling investigations, I realized that I want and need to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them prevent and care for injuries. The idea to start my own company was born.

Stayin Alive with First Aid, CPR & AED works to empower adults and children with the knowledge and tools to help others in times of crisis. Whether it’s a first aid class in a workplace, the basic life support (BLS/HCP) course for nurses in long-term care, or a babysitting class with students, we’re working tirelessly to teach important, life-saving information to as many people as possible.

Janine Campbell

President and Head Trainer

A picture of Janine the President
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